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When you want a reputable painting contractor to undertake wooden floor varnishing in Cambridge Then give us a ring for a free quotation.

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Whenever you need to have wood floor restorations you can call on us since our company are your local painting and decorating contractor.

Whenever you want a great work done on refinishing your wooden floors– our company are the contractor to call on.

Even though the bulk of our job is available in the kind of traditional painting and decorating our company have several personnel who are very experienced and specialise in sanding sealing and varnishing wood flooring.

Lots of residents are often reluctant to carry out wood floor restoration since they are concerned about the quantity of dust that can be created by the sanding process. Even though most other floor sanding services will generate a great deal of dust– our company have invested in the absolute best dust free machines readily available so that our company are practically dust free whenever our company work on your floors.

Despite the fact that our company have the absolute best gear for sanding your wooden floors our company will always take preventative measures against dust like sealing the doors whenever our company work on sanding your floors.

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We have committed a great deal of cash and time in training our floor sanding personnel and our customers love the outcomes that they receive from our work.

Whenever you need to have a reputable contractor for flooring repair in Cambridge you can be absolutely assured of the best customer service and a actually first class finish on your floors.

We are the experts for repair work of broken and broken wooden floors. Whenever you need to have wood floor repair in Cambridge you can call on us. We also deal with gap filling in wooden floors. We can mend burn marks close to a hearth and also cigarette burn marks in wooden floors by using our sanding machinery.

Whenever you are replacing an old fireplace our company can take care of the fire hearth removal and the restoration of the floor below it in order that it matches the rest of the flooring.

We offer a professional service for commercial floor sanding in Cambridge at very competitive costs.

Retail wooden floors in areas where there is a high amount of pedestrian traffic will need to have regular restoration to keep its visual appeal. We can offer you with out of hours commercial floor renovation services. This way our company will not disturb your business throughout the day.

(We Offer Our Services In Cambridge And The Surrounding Areas Such As Newnham Croft, Newnham, Newtown, Romsey Town, Arbury, Chesterton, Coldhams Common, High Cross, Kings Hedges, Grantchester)

We are the experts when it concerns flooring. Our procedure consists of dust free sanding of wooden floors. While there is no dust– the machines do make a great deal of noise. Likewise when our team have to seal and varnish hardwood floors the building must be empty as no one can be permitted to walk on the floors for a few hours right after we finish our work. To remove any chance for interrupting personnel or customers our people more than happy to perform the commercial floor sanding and restoration during the night or over a weekend when no one is present.

We have really striven over 20+ years to develop our abilities and equipment for floor sanding. We have built up a good reputation locally as the wood flooring restoration experts. No matter what kind of surface you have: hardwood flooring, engineered floors or parquet flooring our company can take care of them all. There is no one size fits all approach to wooden flooring repair. The kind of wood and the degree of renovation needed will determine our option of sanding process. Our floor sanding process can get rid of almost all of marks in your wooden floors. From light scratches to deeper scrapes our company can remove them all.

The kind of wood will likewise help determine the floor sanding sealing method used.

Depending upon the kind of hardwood floors, our experts may undertake waxing wood floors, oiling wood floors or floor varnishing. Whether you prefer oil based varnishes or water based varnishing our firm can assist you with both finishes.

When furniture is rearranged in a room people may note dark and light areas where the direct sunshine has actually bleached exposed flooring. Our firm can use floor staining as part of the repair to help to match the flooring again.

When you really want a flooring restoration for sanding, seal and varnishing wooden floors or help repairing your floor – you can call on us. Contact us not for a totally free quote with no obligation.

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