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Out Of Hours Painting And Decorating Services

Are you looking for painters and decorators for some work that can just be carried out our of hours? We can assist with that. Give us a call when you need out of hours decorating in Cambridge.

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For fast effective professional painters give us a call. We are known as the best painters decorators and wallpaper hanging in the local area. Do you have painting and decorating projects that can not be done during the normal business day? We can help you with any painting services out of hours in Cambridge. 

You can count on us for commercial painting and decorating in Cambridge when the job should e carried out exterior of normal business hours. When it comes to commercial painting we know that our customers are busy concentrating on their business throughout the day. They have personnel and clients in their commercial premises that they can not disrupt. The painting and decorating will still get done even though the customers have a business to run. After your personnel and clients have actually gone for the day, you can call on painting contractors like us to take care of the painting.

There is lots of work to be done on the outside of your commercial property which implies we can do that throughout the day and not distract your personnel. The exterior painting can actually just be done during daytime anyway. But when it comes to performing painting and decorating projects inside a busy commercial property there is often a requirement for much of the work to be done exterior of normal business hours. And we are happy to do this.

One particular project like this was for a client who has a training business in Cambridge with very busy offices. We have actually taken care of their property repairs and maintenance for several years and on this occasion they asked us to paint the walls and ceiling of several rooms along with storehouse floor painting with an epoxy floor resin coating.

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It is not practical to try painting the ceilings above the office personnel and clients. Getting the skirting boads and ceilings painted is possible but it takes a lot longer when we must work around personnel and clients. We will just apply the factory floor coating when the property is empty after normal business hours. In order for the factory flooring coating to be completely dry and ready for use in the day, we actually need to get to work on the flooring coating immediately after the personnel have actually left for the day.

(We Offer Our Services In Cambridge And The Surrounding Areas Such As Newnham Croft, Newnham, Newtown, Romsey Town, Arbury, Chesterton, Coldhams Common, High Cross, Kings Hedges, Grantchester)

To a lot of our commercial property customers we are more than their painters and decorators. We likewise take care of their property maintenance and repairs. There are lots of smaller maintenance jobs that need taken care of. Repairing and fitting light bulbs for example. There are lots of routine maintenance work that need doing on a day-to-day and weekly basis – such as the waste removal – that we can do for you. Since we are not certified or insured to do any electrical installation works we do not provide that service personally. Nevertheless we do refer our customers to a really great electrical expert who we have actually dealt with for many years.

More than anything residential and commercial painting contractors in Cambridge and we really want to be the primary choice for you. Being a professional painter and decorator means that we really want to provide our customers a trusted high quality service every time. We have one of our most experienced painter and decorators carry out a free site survey with our client right before we quote for the work. That way we are all totally clear on what work is wanted and what is required to do the project correctly. We prepare each project so that we can finish is as effectively as possible. For each project that we quote, we supply the client with a written quote that sets out clearly our painting prices and there are no surprise extras. We believe that our painting prices are the most competitive in the area for the high quality painting that we do.

Call on us for the best painters and decorators Cambridge has every seen. When it is time for painting a fresh coat of paint on a meeting room or new kitchen ceiling or possibly you need painting repairs on a kitchen or a hall wall, we will care for it. Searching for help with sanding and varnishing a wood floor in your showrooms to bring them back to appear like brand-new once again – you can count on us for that. To be totally clear we really want to be your first choice for all the interior and exterior painting and decorating around your house and commercial property.

When you just need a little room painting – please give us the call. If it is a big job like the exterior factory painting we can handle that too. We really want to be your first choice when it comes to commercial painting. For professional finishing touches for painting tasks of all sizes you can count on us.

Call us now for a free quote without any obligation. Don’t forget we provide out of hours painting upon request. Call now for one of our free price guides and a free consultation.

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