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Are you searching for industrial floor painting in Cambridge? Stop searching because you have come to the right place. We are your regional industrial painting contractor in Cambridge and industrial floor preparation and floor painting are simply a few of the services that we provide.

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Whenever you want a lot more than a general painting contractor well then you can certainly call us. Of course we will supply you with all the usual services for painting and decorating services for home and commercial painting (we will paint your walls, ceilings, doors and windows to excellence) however we go further than that. 

Not many painters and decorators can use the specific industrial painting services that we carry out. Whether you have a factory floor, a garage floor or perhaps it is a shop that wants painting we can assist. In regards to our industrial floor coatings we can supply you with a full turn-key service. From diamond grinding of concrete floors, concrete floor repairs consisting of fracture and loose concrete repairs– right through to the setup of resin floors and other epoxy resin floor coating.

Not only does epoxy resin flooring look great as a floor surface, however there are a large number of practical reasons for choosing epoxy resin flooring over a standard polished concrete surface for work areas and commercial floors.

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An epoxy coating will supply food processing firms with a safe, simple to maintain hygiene flooring. In some food packaging locations the floor can become greasy and wet. For these installations our company may include an anti-slip grit to the resin coating to supply slip resistance and still be simple to keep clean.

When you require commercial floor coatings that are both antislip and are chemically resistant – perhaps for installation on garage flooring – our company can assist. Our resin coverings have certainly been set up for a large number of garages and showrooms throughout the country with great feedback from our customers. Some customers will continue to pick the more standard garage floor paint due to the fact that the resin flooring is a little bit more pricey. Nevertheless is you consider the greater wear resistance and how much longer epoxy resin and polyurethane resin floor coatings will last you, you will quickly justify any extra costs sustained. If your requirement is for coverings appropriate for anti fixed floors they our company can meet your requirements. Our team have certainly painted floors where fragile instrumentation was to be dealt with and an anti fixed floor coating was required.

(We Offer Our Services In Cambridge And The Surrounding Areas Such As Newnham Croft, Newnham, Newtown, Romsey Town, Arbury, Chesterton, Coldhams Common, High Cross, Kings Hedges, Grantchester)

A couple of big tasks our company undertook have been for the epoxy resin flooring and entire floor preparation to several floors within a multi story car-park. When you are searching for a reliable floor painting contractor our company will certainly be happy to help. Our team will take care of the total contract from the initial commercial floor preparation, through to the applying of the final coating system. Whether you are in need of a strong floor screed or simply just a attractive epoxy coating our company look after it all. The work needed that our company undertake the line marking of the parking area bays and the pedestrian walkways. The ramps that lead between parking levels were finished with an anti slip finish to supply significantly greater friction for slippery tyres.

You can get truly imaginative and produce distinct designs in your decorative floor coating. Just by adding in a variety of colours of dye to the epoxy coating will allow us to produce rather easy or very elaborate decorations. We can produce floor finishes that are slip resistant however also chemically resistant. So they are definitely safer for pedestrians and any kind of chemicals that are made use of for cleansing or disinfecting will not lead to damage to the surface finish.

If you are at the building and construction phase and you are looking out for intumescent painting for fire defense – we can assist with that. Depending upon your building design we can provide intumescent painting for structural steelwork which will supply fire defense of 30 or 60 minutes as needed. For secondary steelwork and ducting we can supply your project with onsite spraying.

Whenever you are searching for a painting firm who can supply industrial floor painting in Cambridge then get in touch with us initially. We provide this service because we want to be the most reliable domestic and business fit out decorators in the area. Give us a call when you are ready to get a free quotation for all your painting work. If you are considering having an epoxy floor set up and would like more info then give us a call. Our epoxy paint is offered in a choice of colours for you to choose from. Ask us for a colour chart when you call. Call us and schedule a free site survey, an specialist advice or perhaps simply a free written quotation.

If you require help or recommendations on epoxy coating for a factory floor, a garage floor or perhaps a floor in your house please get in touch with us. We are your local area epoxy coating professionals in Cambridge.

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